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Merch Sales Update: November 2017 Update

Welcome to November 2017’s Merch Sales Report. Here I will show you the t-shirt/merch sales I have made in November and the revenue I am rewarded for the sales. If you are looking to start selling your own designs online I have created a couple posts on how to get started selling on Teespring and Amazon.

I publish this series for a number of reasons if you are wondering why. I genuinely love helping and inspiring people! Below are the reasons why I started publishing my monthly sales report:

  1. I never knew you could sell your designs online t-shirts online and especially how profitable it can be. Expressing yourself through a t-shirt is a great conversation starter. It is also a way to collaborate with others at an event. I am hoping with my journey in selling my designs I can inspire someone else to get up, get out and go get it! Whatever your hustle you have to start from somewhere.
  2. Like me once I found out you can sell your designs online I needed to know what would be the best way to do it. Many people have different strategies. I have been hitting the right buttons so far and researching how to continue forward. With my reports, you can see what I do and we can help each other make it to the top.
  3. Lastly, I can look back at these reports and learn from my mistakes and continue to keep myself accountable.

I started this series September of this year and you can check out my first Merch sales report here Merch Update Series: My Merch Sales September 2017 Update.  Progress is slow at this time but slow progress is better than no progress. Let’s view the report for this month.


Currently, I am selling on the below platforms. I have listed the number of active campaigns I have for each. Just understand a campaign can be different for each platform. For example, Redbubble and Society6 sell more items than Sunfrog and Amazon Merch. You can sell iPhone cases, Stickers, and many other items on Redbubble and Society6. With one design I can create a list of items under this design. In the future, I will keep a more accurate count. I have been experimenting on each of these sites so you will not see all of my designs across all platforms.



Click the icon to view my campaigns

Creativescale - Amazon Creativescale - Redbubble Creativescale - Society6 Creativescale - Sunfrog Creativescale - Teespring




Current number of campaigns:
  • Merch by Amazon = 16 Active Campaigns
  • Sunfrog = 105 Active Campaigns
  • Redbubble = Active Campaigns
  • Society6 = Active Campaigns
  • Teespring = 89 Active Campaigns

November Sales

Sales November 1st-30th 2017


Top Selling Product(s) November 2017

ATL - Merch by AmazonMerch by Amazon

3 Sales






Monthly Report

YTD 2017 : $88.11

So here we are in December, the last month of the year. My goal in 2018 is to turn this into a much more profitable source of income. I want to hit $1000 consistently every week. With at least this much I can quit my job and work on my other hustles full-time. As an Online seller, you can put a price tag on your art and on platforms like above you can sell them online at no cost to you. So if you are looking for a creative side hustle that can net you passive income this is a good start. Just know if you are just starting fresh learning how effectively sell online it will be a bumpy start. Just having a good design won’t always get you the sales you deserve. If you need a little inspiration for starting up your merch shop or a new side hustle check out Hustle hacks and Making cents of Money.


Please be aware if you are seeking to protect your art or intellectual property do so before you post online!

Do you know the difference between Copyright, Trademark, and Patent? I posted about it here 

Social Media

This is a list of the creative and niche accounts I currently run. You have several options to get your designs out to the world. Social Media is one such powerful option you can use and leveraging their features properly will get you the sales you deserve.











Lessons Learned


These past couple of months I have focused on updating and fixing issues on my blog/website. With this, I had to place promoting my shirts on the back-burner. I am also working on a more solid plan to post to all of my accounts to increase engagement. The below Action items from last month are still in motion as well.

As you see this month is lacking, and I have listed what I feel are the reason why.

  • Lack of consistent promotion
  • Research designs to improve current campaigns
  • Descriptions – Keyword Research
  • Collaboration
  • Other projects

Understanding how to monetize my social media accounts with me focusing on Instagram is also a key focus of mine. Selling online is a numbers game. Building my accounts through great photos and engaging content will be crucial to getting sales. Here are some ideas you can use yourself to get followers involved with your account:

Contests/Free Giveaways

Host a contest online periodically and have your followers use a hashtag to track the contest. Give away one of your products or something someone can use to improve their life.

Hashtag Discussions

Host a discussion and get your followers involved. Use a hashtag to track responses.

Interact with others content

Not only like a photo, comment below! This will mean the world to them and hopefully, you both can connect in the future.



Selling online or any side hustle for that matter is no get rich scheme. You have to put in the time and research to become good. Your profit will increase in no time. I choose to stick with growing my networks organically and engage with my audience. In December I expect to increase my earnings for the month and walk into the new year with a bright attitude. Do you sell merch online? What strategies do you use to successfully sell online?


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